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Rodent Control

Rodent (Rat) Control

The rat program was created to enforce the Fulton County Rat Control Article, educate the public about potential health hazards and minimize exposure to rats. Environmental Health Specialists investigate complaints, respond to rat bait requests and educate residents on how to get rid of rats.

Single-family homeowners in Fulton County are eligible to receive rat control materials at no charge after an inspection of the property and removal of any items considered food for rats. Call the Central District office at 770-520-7500 to request this service.

Facts About Rats

Help Eliminate Rodents In Your Home

Keep garbage in tightly covered cans. Do not leave out dog or cat food.

Remove trash, weeds and junk cars from your yard. Store wood and other materials at least 18 inches above the ground.

Keep doors closed and windows screened. Keep floor drains secured. Cement or caulk around pipes where they pass through walls. Seal small holes and cracks.

Use traps inside the house. You should never place poison bait inside the house. Poisoned rats and mice will die inside walls and attics and cause odors.

Use poison bait outside the house only if you can keep them away from children and pets.