Establish New Water and Sewer Services

Establish New Water or sewer Services

UPDATED January 23, 2023
Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners approved a series of 5% increases in combined water and sewer rates, effective January 1, 2023with additional increases on January 1, 2024, and January 1, 2025.

The increase will fund continued capital improvements to water and wastewater systems to provide high-quality services to the residents of Fulton County. For more information, visit 

New residential water service

If you are a homeowner attempting to activate an existing water service connection, or for those seeking more information on water and sewer rates, billing, and payment options, please visit the Start Your Water Service Page.

New drinking water and wastewater connections

Our engineers will figure out the technical aspects and costs of connecting properties to the county’s drinking water distribution system. For more information about the process, contact Public Works at 404-612-7400.

For new connections, engineering personnel will assess the technical requirements and cost implications to connect to the County’s drinking water distribution system and advise applicants accordingly. Upon satisfaction of all the requirements and payment of the stipulated fee, a work order will be issued to install the new connection.

Drinking water or sewer service petitions

In areas where drinking water service or sewer service is currently unavailable, homeowners can petition the County to extend service to their homes. Once the petition is received, staff will review the area to determine if the service can reach the homes and will contact the homeowners.

If the conditions are favorable, a preliminary design will be completed for the extension and a package will be submitted to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for approval of the petition. Upon approval, final design and installation can occur. During the process, a homeowners' meeting is set up to explain the petition process, design impacts and construction process.

Likewise, in areas where sewer is currently unavailable or where septic tanks have failed, homeowners can petition the county to extend sanitary sewer to their homes.

To start the petition process for either drinking water or sewer service, contact Public Works at 404-612-7400.

Click here for the water and sewer laterals flyer.