Homestead Exemptions

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Homestead Exemptions

UPDATE March 2023:

Fulton County homeowners who are over age 65 and who live outside of the City of Atlanta may be eligible for a new $10,000 homestead exemption providing relief for the Fulton County Schools portion of property taxes. There is no income limit for this exemption. Apply by the April 3 deadline to receive this benefit for the 2023 tax cycle. You may apply through the Fulton County Tax Assessors Office online portal or in any office of the Fulton County Tax Assessors Office.

Homestead exemptions are a form of property tax relief for homeowners.

Fulton County homeowners can qualify for a variety of homestead exemptions offered through the Fulton County Tax Assessors office. These include basic homestead exemptions as well as homestead exemptions for seniors, low income homeowners, surviving spouses of public safety and military personnel killed in the line of duty, and others. 

Homeowners may qualify for different homestead exemptions from the various taxing jurisdictions including school system, cities, and Fulton County. 

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Once granted, exemptions are automatically renewed each year as long as the homeowner continually occupies the property under the same ownership.  (One exception is the Fulton County Low Income exemption which the law requires to be renewed every two years.) 

To be eligible for an exemption, it is mandatory that your meet all requirements. 

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