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Drought Status

Drought Status

Fulton County is currently in non-drought status. Residents must still adhere to the statewide, year-round watering schedule which requires landscape watering to be done before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m., to prevent water loss from evaporation. 

Residents are encouraged to be mindful of their water use at all times, even during non-drought conditions. 

Residents are encouraged to be mindful of their water use at all times, and especially during drought conditions.

Fulton County has a Water Waste Ordinance in place to prevent water lost by inefficient irrigation or other excessive use. Water efficiency is always essential to protect the current and future water supply for Fulton County and the region. The Department of Public Works has information and programs available for its water customers who would like to conserve water and save money, including a rebate for replacing older toilets with high-efficiency WaterSense labeled models.

For more information about available water conservation programs or an update on the current watering rules, contact the Department of Public Works at (404) 612-7400.

For more information regarding water conservation within the Atlanta region visit the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District website.  

For more information on current drought conditions in Georgia, visit the Georgia Drought Portal.