Voter Education

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Voter education

Voter Education

The Department of Registration and Elections regularly partners with civic, business and religious organizations to conduct voter registration drives.

Groups interested in scheduling a drive can email this form to or by fax to 404-612-2545.


Voter Education and Outreach (VEO) is an essential non-partisan comprehensive team providing the citizens of Fulton County with vital voting and election information that enhances the voting experience. This is our responsibility to the democratic process. The goal of Voter Education and Outreach (VEO) of Fulton County is to nurture enthusiasm for the electoral process and to reach out to eligible voter across the county.

What we do during outreach presentations:

  • Provide information on upcoming elections
  • Provide information on early voting and how to obtain an absentee ballot
  • Provide information on accepted identification at the polls
  • Provide Georgia Voter Identification Cards
  • Register people to vote

Where we will do outreach presentations:

  • Senior Centers
  • High schools
  • Colleges
  • Neighborhood Association meetings
  • Church congregations
  • Civic organization meetings
  • Social events

Examples of questions answered during a presentation:

  • Am I registered?
  • When and where do I vote?
  • Can I vote at any location?
  • What's on the ballot?
  • What do I need to bring with me to the polls?
  • How do I vote absentee?
  • What's a provisional?