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Record restrictions

Record Restrictions

Record restriction (or expungement) is a process that restricts eligible records on a person’s official criminal history report from public view and makes them visible only to law enforcement for criminal justice purposes. Certain criminal history records can be restricted for non-criminal justice purposes including applying for employment or getting licenses.

An individual is eligible to have his or her record expunged if the prosecuting attorney determines that:

Arrested in a Fulton County Jurisdiction
Certain Misdemeanors under the age of 21/Youthful Offender
Completed Pre-Trial Intervention/Diversion Program Completed "First Offender" cases sealed & Retroactive "First Offender" screening available

The record will not be expunged if the prosecution decided not to prosecute a criminal case (nolle prossed), the case was dead docketed or otherwise dismissed because:

Did not plead Guilty/Nolo Contendere or Convicted/Found Guilty at Trial

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