Government Center to Remain Closed Friday October 13 During Mitigation of Smoke in Facility

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Fulton County Government Center to Remain Closed Friday, October 13 During Mitigation of Smoke in Facility

October 12, 2023
The Fulton County Government Center will remain closed on Friday, October 13 to allow for continued mitigation of smoke, after a fire occurred outside the facility on Thursday.

The fire occurred on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, in the area of the air intake units for the Government Center, which houses Fulton County’s administrative offices. A large quantity of smoke made its way into the intake units and was thus distributed throughout the facility. Employees and visitors were evacuated from the building around mid-morning.

A restoration vendor is now onsite and conducting smoke mitigation activities, using air scrubbers, carbon filters and other equipment.

During Friday’s closure, Government Center employees will telework or be assigned to other locations.

The closure of the Government Center facility does not affect the Fulton County Justice Center Complex, the Public Safety Building at 130 Peachtree Street, SW, or any other Fulton County facility.

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