Fulton County DUI Treatment Court Changes Name to Recovery Treatment Court

Fulton County DUI Treatment Court Changes Name to Recovery Treatment Court

March 27, 2023
A new name to better reflect the spirit of Rehabilitation and Recovery

The Fulton County DUI Treatment Court has changed the name of the State Court accountability court to Recovery Treatment Court to better reflect its mission.

Since 2007, the court program provides accountability to individuals who have been convicted of multiple violations of Driving Under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants as an alternative to incarceration. The program provides enhanced supervision, and individual and group treatment sessions to assist participants in making healthy lifestyle changes while gaining insight and knowledge about their disease of addiction. The Recovery Treatment Court program is led by Chief Judge Wesley tailor and Judge Susan Edlein.

With the name change, the program hopes to reduce the stigma associated with DUI convictions and make the program more inviting for those who are seeking help with their substance use disorder.
“We are proud to modernize our treatment court program to better reflect the spirit of rehabilitation and recovery,” said Chief Judge Wesley B. Tailor. “Our mission is to help our citizens gain sobriety and reintegrate into society as productive members who lead healthy and independent lives.”

To participate in the Fulton County’s Recovery Treatment Court program, eligible candidates must complete the following requirements:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy clinical treatment
  • Complete the Risk Reduction Program (DUI School)
  • Complete a Victim Impact/MADD Panel
  • Submission to random home visits
  • Random drug testing
  • Participate at compliance reviews
  • Community support meetings such as AA/NA

The Fulton County State Court’s Recovery Treatment Court provides focus and leadership for community-wide partnerships, bringing together public safety and public health professionals in the fight against substance abuse and criminality, and significantly improve substance use treatment outcomes, substantially reduce substance abuse and crime, and do so at less expense than any other justice strategy.

For more information about ongoing programs and Fulton County Recovery Treatment Court, please click here.