Fulton Countys FACE Expands its Reach to Miami Art Week 2022

Fulton County's FACE Expands its Reach to Miami Art Week 2022

December 01, 2022
Miami Art Week serves as a dynamic platform uniquely bridging the art scenes of North and South American, Europe, and beyond.

Fulton County Arts & Culture in partnership with Geological Agriculture (GeoAg), is celebrating the expansion of Fashion Art Culture & Education (FACE) at Miami Art Week in support of visual artist William King Pop Floyd’s Art Show, POP BASEL on Sunday, December 4 from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 25 NW 34th Street, Miami, FL 33127.

This collaboration is in support of POP BASEL, which curates emerging creatives through art, fashion, and music.

As a primary function of Arts & Culture, the partnership with GeoAg allows FACE to expand its reach outside of Atlanta during its inaugural year and sets the tone for how government entities collaborate without boundaries. The relationship with POP BASEL originated from an interview conducted by GeoAg founder Richard Campbell with Rodney Simpson, publisher of Fame Live Magazine – a locally based fashion and art publication. The GeoAg art article will also be released during the POP BASEL art show.

“This is exciting news for GeoAg, which is another arts and education Fulton County program,” said Fulton County District 5 Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr. Esq. “The mission is to empower artists to achieve more, and that thread runs strongly through our engagement in the county. We are excited to be part of POP BASEL, Art Week Miami, and Art Basel to empower this next generation of artists.”

“We are thrilled that our efforts to help food deserts resulted with art and education programs that we can showcase in different places and attract global artists to Fulton County,” said Fulton County District 4 Commissioner Natalie Hall. “We are providing visibility to a distinguished list of artists through the partnership of GeoAg and FACE, which will certainly become a defining program for Arts & Culture.”

Since its inception, FACE has highlighted the county’s robust resources in fashion, art, culture, and education, while also creating opportunities for residents and artists to connect with industry experts. In collaborating with POP BASEL, this partnership will be no different.

“FACE provides a platform for creatives to come together to showcase, enlighten, and expand ideas of what is possible,” said Fulton County Arts & Culture Director David Manuel. “Supporting POP BASEL aligns with our forward thinking of using what is around us to create something significant. Our representation at Miami Art Week in support of POP BASEL is the start of something bigger and exciting in Fulton County. There will also be 20 plus Fulton County residents that will receive VIP passes to attend the day-of events as part of the FACE experience.”

For more information on arts and culture opportunities in Fulton County, please visit Fulton County Arts and Culture.