Fulton County Board of Commission Approves 500000 to Fight Human Trafficking

Fulton County Board of Commission Approves $500,000 to Fight Human Trafficking

September 26, 2022
Board members say the investment will benefit hundreds who are at risk and in need of specialized recovery services.

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners appropriated $500,000 toward community programs to fight human trafficking. Funding approved during the Board of Commissioners September 7 meeting will go to Wellspring Living to help domestic sex trafficking victims and those at risk with specialized recovery services.

The resolution, which was led by Commissioners District 2 Bob Ellis and District 3 Commissioner Lee Morris, and co-sponsored by Vice Chair Liz Hausmann, passed 6-0. The funding, which is provided through the American Rescue Plan Act, will support the construction of a safe haven and cornerstone building for survivors of human trafficking.

“We are thrilled to announce that the 8-acre campus will feature a ‘full service’ program for survivors of human trafficking, including provisions for housing, mental health support and job training,” said Commissioner Ellis.

“Approving the funding for Wellspring is all about helping those in need,” said Commissioner Morris. “Human trafficking is a global problem that reaches many communities, including here in Fulton County. The goal is to make sure all victims receive the help and assistance needed on the road to recovery.”

“This appropriation will assist the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Vice Chair Hausmann. “Our partners at Wellspring Living are committed to helping victims heal in a supportive environment and prepare them for a successful future.”

The future campus, which will be located in the City of South Fulton, will have the capacity to serve up to 300 survivors a year, enabling them to heal and live the lives they were intended to lead. Wellspring Living’s residential programs include, but not limited to, the Girls’ Residential Program, the Receiving Hope Center, and the Women’s Residential Program.

Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry which targets the most vulnerable citizens, including low-income individuals, runaway youth, and children in the foster care system, and subjects them to sex or labor exploitation.

Fulton County has long supported efforts to end sex trafficking and support those who have been affected by sex trafficking. Residents can join the fight against human trafficking by reporting possible cases in Georgia’s 24-hour Human Trafficking Hotline at (866) 363-4842 and visit this online resource for more details.