Fulton County Commissioners Approve Community Services Funding

Fulton County Commissioners Approve Community Services Funding

March 05, 2020
The approval provides $5,363,958 to fund essential Community Services
Fulton County Commissioners approved Community Service Program funding to support 105 nonprofit service providers during the March 4, 2020 Board meeting. The approval provides support countywide for the following services:

Children and Youth Services
Senior Services
Economic Stability/Poverty

The 2020 Community Services Program (CSP) Evaluation Committee recommended the $5,363,958 as a means of implementing the County’s primary strategy for funding social services programs based on the County’s Strategic Plan.  The program funding was approved as a part of the 2020 General Fund budget for the Department of Community Development.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Human Services Pamela Roshell PhD, emphasized the rigorous process related to the contract decisions. “County staff created what we consider to be an unbiased process for choosing contractors that included internal and external subject matter experts to ensure that service providers submitted plans that would deliver programs with impact,” said Roshell.

Eligible proposals were evaluated by internal and external subject matter evaluators. Evaluation procedures for the 2020 contract recipients included the following:

Evaluation Committee: 37 Evaluators
•           20 Internal Evaluators
            County staff whose program(s) align with the five CSP Service Categories
            (Economic Stability/Poverty, Senior Services, Children & Youth, Homelessness &
•           17 External Evaluators
            Individuals “subject matter experts” who demonstrated an interest in Fulton County’s
            mission to “deliver efficient, high-impact service to every resident and visitors.”
•           Proposals were categorized based on the primary CSP Service Category indicated by
            the Responder.
•           Each proposal received two reviews and two scores to minimize any potential bias
            from a single reviewer.
•           If there was a 20-point difference in scores, reviewers were asked to confer regarding
            the disparity.
•           Reviewers and Responders used the same matrix.

Contract award recipients must present outcomes that document impact within their service areas.

The Board of Commissioner approved the implementation of the Community Services Program on November 2, 2016, to provide the framework for delivering essential services Countywide.

For more information about the Community Service Program, contact Division Manager Carlos Thomas at 404-612-0749.