Fulton County Unveils First New Branding in 30 Years

Government Center interior

Fulton County Unveils First New Branding in 30 Years

January 03, 2019

Fulton County begins 2019 by unveiling a new logo. This is the first branding update undertaken by Georgia’s largest county since 1989.

Adopted by the Board of Commissioners in October 2018, the identity refresh includes a redesign of the County’s oak tree logo featuring fresh design elements and a new color palette emphasizing blue and orange. The logo and rebranding efforts were developed by County staff.

“Fulton County is a big deal. It's important that our logo reflects a community that us a leader in the region nationally and even internationally,” says Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robb Pitts. “We have a great team doing great things, and it’s time for a fresh image.”

“Citizens will see a refreshed Fulton County brand that looks forward into a future that is focused on service,” says Fulton County Manager Dick Anderson. “Importantly, this branding was completed with internal resources to minimize taxpayer investment.”

The new logo retains the County’s long-term symbol, the oak tree, as a symbol of strength, growth and dependability. The Fulton oak symbol dates back several decades and has seen many iterations. The oak is now surrounded by an open circle emphasizing Fulton County Government’s inclusiveness and transparency, with curves inside the circle denoting forward momentum.

“Fulton County is a modern, transparent and inclusive government, and our new branding reflects that,” says Jessica Corbitt-Dominguez, Fulton County’s Director of External Affairs. “I’m proud of our team’s work in taking on this important project for the benefit of our residents and employees.”

Over the coming months, the new branding will be phased in across the organization, in signage, printed materials, and all other visual communications. The redesign will also inform elements of the redesign of Fulton County’s new website.