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Citizens' Commission on the Environment

Citizens Commission on the Environment

The Fulton County Commission on the Environment, or FCCCE, is a citizen advisory group appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The purpose of the FCCCE is to investigate environmental concerns; to make recommendations to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners on environmental policies, and to increase public awareness and understanding about environmental issues.


One of the ways in which the FCCCE engages the community is to present annual awards to individuals, organizations, and companies that have improved the environment in Fulton County. The FCCCE seeks nominations each year for projects, programs, organizations, and individuals to be recognized at an annual Environmental Awards Ceremony.

FCCCE Award Ceremony

Examples of strong candidates for the award are provided below.

Environmental Advocates

  • A person who displays leadership on environmental issues
  • A person who encourages citizens and the business community to ensure that their activities and operations are environmentally responsible
  • A person who has participated in the resolutions of environmental issues for the general good of the citizens of Fulton County

Exemplary Project Developments

  • A project that preserves the natural environment, creates greenspace, or protects wildlife habitats
  • A project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • A project that has demonstrated outstanding compliance with all applicable environmental regulations

Exceptional Environmental Programs

  • An environmental education program with a broad audience and significant scope
  • A program with activities such as neighborhoods recycling, abandoned lot clean-ups, community gardens or watershed restoration
  • A program that involves communities in meaningful stakeholder engagement


The FCCCE also works with the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to adopt resolutions about environmental issues. Recent resolutions are provided below.

Indoor Air Quality

Single-Use Plastics

Urban Agriculture

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