Renew the District

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Renew The District

Renew the District

Fulton County has launched the Renew the District initiative, resulting in a significant redevelopment of the Fulton Industrial Boulevard corridor over the next five years. The three-pronged Renew the District plan focuses on:

• Commercial Revitalization: redevelopment of formerly blighted properties and reimagining of existing spaces around the corridor
• Capital Investment: Modern Public Services
• Renewal of the Fulton County Airport


renew the district

the three-pronged plan

Commercial Revitalization

Over the last two years, Fulton County has acquired seven blighted properties along the FIB corridor, including five hotels. The $15.9 million investment represents approximately 17 acres.

In 2022, the County plans to issue a Master Developer RFQ to explore options for redevelopment of these properties, which may include commercial redevelopment as well as permanent supportive housing, veterans housing, and other options.

Capital Investment: Modern Public Services

Fulton County is investing $55 million in two major capital projects, including the new Fulton County Animal Shelter and a new Public Safety Training facility. The Animal Shelter broke ground in 2021 and is expected to open in 2023.

Both projects will replace outdated infrastructure in other areas of Fulton County with modern, purpose-build facilities, and will catalyze other developments within the Fulton Industrial corridor.

Renewal of Fulton County Executive Airport at Brown Field (FTY)

The Fulton County Executive Airport at Brown Field is undergoing an Airport Master Plan that will project growth over the next 20 years, including redevelopment of current facilities on airport property. The Airport Master Plan is expected to be complete in 2022.

The Airport Master plan will consider the results of a 2020 study by the Urban Land Institute, which provided recommendations for opportunities for reimagining of properties adjacent to the Fulton County Airport.