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Traffic Citations

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Traffic violations bureau (TVB)

The Traffic Violations Bureau processes traffic citations issued by law enforcement officers around Fulton County. Citations are processed and made available online within 2-3 weeks of scheduled court dates.

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traffic citations FAQ'S

Do I have to pay my Citation in Full?

Yes. State Court does not provide payment plans.

How much is my citation?

For Traffic offenses, check our Traffic Fine Citation Schedule.

How can I pay my citation?

You send your original citation along with payment to Traffic Violations Bureau, 160 Pryor Street SW, Suite J-150, Atlanta, GA 30303. Make a copy of your citation for your records. In the alternative, you may pay online by clicking here and searching for the citation under “Make a Payment”.

If I pay my Citation, do I have to attend my court hearing?

No. Payment of your citation considered in lieu of your court appearance.

What happens if I do not pay my citation and/or attend my court hearing?

State Court will request that Georgia Driver Services suspend your license and your citation will be forwarded to the state prosecutor for further review. Please note that your license will remain suspended until the case is closed.

How many points will be assessed to my license if I plea to an offense and/or pay the fine

Points are a function of Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) and you must contact that office directly.

I was told that my license has been suspended due to my failure to pay an old citation. How can I get my license back?

You must first pay the balance due on your citation through one of the payment methods discussed above. Within 2-3 business days of receipt, we will either send an electronic request to Georgia Driver Services asking that it reinstate you license OR we’ll provide you with a suspension release document. For further details, contact Georgia Department of Driver Services directly. Be sure you get citation information so that we can identify the record that led to the suspension!

My Citation was "Bound Over" to state court by a municipal court. What Should I do next?

You must wait for the state prosecutor (i.e. Solicitor General) to formally accuse your citation. You will not receive a court date until that happens. Click here for more information.

I have moved since my case was last heard in a municipal court and it has been transferred/bound-over to state court. Can I update my address?

No. Citations which are bound over to State Court are actually forwarded directly to the state prosecutor (i.e. Solicitor General). State Court will have no record of your citation until that office files a formal accusation of your citation.

If I can't update my address, how will I know when is my court date?

You may call this office at (404) 612-5085 every 1-2 months to see if a formal case has been created against you. Or, you may search our records online at your convenience here to see if a formal case has been created against you. Once you are able to locate your case, you may then change your address and the Court will update its records.

I want to contest my citation. What do I do?

Appear at your court date as scheduled and advise the judge that you wish to plead Not Guilty to the traffic offense. You will have the option of requesting a jury trial at which point your citation will be forwarded to the state prosecutor for review.

How can I get a certified copy of a disposed citation?

Certified copies of citations are available at a cost of $2.50. Payment must be rendered in the form of certified check or money order payable to “Fulton County State Court”. Cases for the current and previous year are stored on-site and are readily available. All other files are stored at our off-site archiving facility and must be requested from there. These files should be delivered to our office in 1-2 business days. You may request a certified disposition in-person at our office or via mail. If you elect to mail your request, be sure to include the case number, Defendant’s full name and date of birth, and a brief description of the charges (if available). Mail your request and payment to:

Fulton County State Court
ATTN: Criminal Division
160 Pryor Street SW,
Suite J-150
Atlanta, GA 30303

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