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Commission on Elder Affairs

Commission on Elder Affairs

Next Commission on Elder Affairs (COEA) Meeting

Thursday, November 9, 2023
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Meeting Agenda - coming soon


The Commission on Elder Affairs (“COEA”, “Commission”) was created to act as an advisory board to the Department of Senior Services. Since its inception in July 1992, the Commission has worked to communicate the contributions of elder citizens and advocate for this population group throughout the community at large. Fulton County Department of Senior Services serves as the Secretary of Record of the Commission on Elder Affairs.

The purpose of the COEA is to (a) advise the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, the Fulton County Department of Senior Services, and the Community in general regarding the needs of elder citizens, (b) to assist the Department of Senior Services in the resolution of problems brought to it by elder citizens or other concerned citizens, and to (c) to improve through various means of advocating, the community’s awareness of the capacity of elder adults and/or their concerns.


The mission of the Commission on Elder Affairs shall be “To serve the elder population of Fulton County through a commitment to identify the social, economic, and health challenges/concerns affecting seniors; communicate with relevant community stakeholders; advocate for needed change; and secure solutions, resources and/or systems which enhance the quality of life for seniors.”


Membership in the COEA shall consist of 13 members, as follows:

• One appointee by each Fulton County Commissioner (7)
• One appointee for each area of the Council on Aging (4)
• One program participant from each agency providing Senior Management under contract with Fulton County (2)

Marsetta Ray, Past Chair
S. Fulton Sr. Center

Ann Germany, Board Chair
Sr. Services N. Fulton

Gary Snyder, Member
Comm. Barrett/D3

Mary Blake, Chair Pro-Tem
Comm. Pitts / At Large

Ruth Lyles-Bailey, Parliamentarian

Stephanie Fiber-Sutton, Member
Comm. Thorne/D1

Beth Cayce, Member
Comm. Ellis/D2

Linda Adams, Member
Comm. Hall/D4

Dr. Sandra Wright, Member
Comm. Arrington/D5

Jill Lindsey, Member
Comm. Abdur-Rahman/D6

Sarah Hilton, Member
Atlanta Housing

Tracie Grant, Member

Teresa Pearsall, Member

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