Standards and Guidelines for Branding and Signage

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Standards and guidelines for Branding and Signage

Standards and Guidelines for Branding and Signage

Fulton County's "Infrastructure for All" initiative seeks to modernize and upgrade county facilities, and to support that initiative, the Standards and Guidelines for Fulton County Branding and Signage document was created. This document provides the latest approved guidelines for using Fulton County's brand identity (e.g. logo, colors, etc.) as well as information pertaining to signage.

These standards and guidelines are applicable to all forms of branding and signage for Fulton County, including communications (stationary, business cards, memorandums, notices, websites and any other forms of media), as well as any and all signage used in/or on behalf of the county. The standards and guidelines complement the newly established operation policy, entitled "Signage, Wayfinding and Branding Policy."

The Fulton County Customer Service and Consistency Committee is a cross-departmental committee established to develop and recommend policies, operating and administrative procedures, to implement and maintain these standards and guidelines. The committee works closely with External Affairs to ensure projects incorporating the use of the logo and signage conform to the approved standards and guidelines.

To request a new sign or replace or remove an existing sign, complete the Add, Change or Remove Signage Request. Fill in as much information as possible on the request before clicking "Submit Form."

Questions about implementing the current standards and guidelines should be directed to Committee Chair Brigitte Bailey ( or 404-612-7018).