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Permits and Plan Review

Permits and Plan Review

Permits and Plan Review  reviews land disturbance permits and building permits for compliance with County regulations.  


Fulton County is initiating changes to the permitting protocol.

Changes Effective Monday, March 24, 2017:

Fulton County will no longer accept photocopies of signatures on any and all permit application forms.   All signatures must be original and any required notarized stamps must be original.  

Changes Effective April 1, 2017:

Fulton County has updated the following permit application forms.   All permits received or initiated on April 1, 2017 must utilize the new permit application forms.  

Updated Building Permit Application Form.   Please note that Page 3 of the form includes the Appendix I agreement which was previously a separate form and Page 4 of the form is a Site Plan Checklist.    

Updated Trade Permit (Pay and No Pay) Forms.  Please note that a new line has been added to the Electrical Pay and No Pay to provide the electric service provider. Additionally all Trade forms now include a space for to provide property ownership information.  

Updated and new temporary power affidavits. April 1, 2017 Fulton County will be utilizing two (2) new affidavits for temporary electrical service; a Temporary Power Pole (T-Pole) affidavit and a Temporary Power Connection to Service (Temp to Perm) affidavit.   Please note that these forms require an original notarized signature of the electrical contractor.

New Informational Sheets

New Residential Checklist.   As a part of the rollout of these new forms, Fulton County has created a “New Residential Checklist”.   This one-page informational sheet is a checklist of all items that make up a complete application for building a new home.  

Residential Building Inspection Process.   This informational sheet is actually not new but an updated form that reflects the current inspection protocol and the new permit forms.