Seeking Next of Kin

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Seeking Next of Kin

Seeking Next of Kin

The list below includes unclaimed persons who died between 1995 and 2002:
For cases in 2003 and after, please check  

95-0005 Sonny Walker, 67 year old Black Male.

95-0377 Maxwell H. Winston, 33 year old Black Male.

95-0496 Lopeleon H. Herring, 38 year old Black Male.

95-0903 Leo Trainer, 80 year old Black Male.

95-0959 Mary McGhee, 78 year old Black Female.

95-1156 Joe M. Gangl, 81 year old White Male.

95-1509 Darrell Myers, 49 year old White Male.

95-1820 Darrell Curtis, 38 year old Black Male.

96-0012 James Nash, 66 year old Black Male.

97-0297 John Hill, 88 year old Black Male.

97-0481 Johnny J. Reynolds, 58 year old Black Male.

97-1151 Don J. Johnson, 43 year old Black Male.

97-1164 Benjamin Wimberley, 67 year old Black Male.

97-1741 Charles Smith, 58 year old Black Male.

98-0009 John Presley, Black Male.   Died 1/2/98 of natural causes at his home at 1048 Mayson Turner Road, NW, in Atlanta.

98-1118 Anna Ahern (AKA Michelle Warren), 75 year old White Female.   Found dead of natural causes on 6/28/98 in her home at 1559 Wellswood Drive, SE, in Atlanta.

98-0251 Willie Robertson, 46 year old Black male.

98-0257 Rose Stein, 51 year old White Female.   Died 2/8/98 of natural causes outside her home at 835 Moreland Avenue, SE, in Atlanta.

98-0278 Marvin Crowe, 69 year old White male.

98-0311 Albert Benny Williams, 44 year old Black Male.   Died 2/16/98 of cocaine intoxication at his home at 12 Walthall Street, NE, in Atlanta.

98-0333 Bertis Moore, Jr, 71 Black male.

98-0436 Andrew Jerry Brown, 29 year old Black Male.   Died 3/9/98 after being struck by an auto at Interstate 285-N at Bolton Road, NW, in Atlanta.   Reported to be homeless.

98-0553 Cliffton Leigh, 30 year old Black male.

98-1009 Jessie Willis Bowens, 79 year old Black Male.   Died 6/13/98 in room 206 of the Town & County motel at 2380 Metropolitan Parkway in Atlanta.   Decedent had been living at the motel.

98-1278 Bessie Williams, 78 year old Black Female.   Died of natural causes on 7/26/98 at the Atlanta Manor, Inc., Personal Care Home on Moreland Avenue in Atlanta.

98-1285 Bennie Roy Bass, Jr., 39 year old Black Male.   Died on 7/27/98 at Grady Memorial Hospital after a three-day hospitalization for a head injury.   He lived at 515 University Avenue, Apartment B, in Atlanta.

98-1890 Nathanial Taylor 46 year old Black male.

99-0463 Johnny Lee Brown, Jr 45 year old Black Male.   Born 4/7/53.   Died 3/5/99 from hypothermia.   Found on the ground across the street from 156 Mills Street, NW in Atlanta.   Homeless.

99-0804 Mayo Barber 72 year old Black Male.   Born 12/23/26.   Found dead on 4/30/99 by Fulton County Marshals when they served an eviction notice at 380 Martin Street, Apt. 201 in Atlanta.   Died of probable atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

99-0859 Lawyer Bell 39 year old Black Male.   Born 4/26/69.   Died 5/12/99 after being struck by a vehicle when he tried to cross Interstate 75/85 near Freedom Parkway in Atlanta.

99-0923 Edith Louise Eyers   59 year old White Female. Born 2/4/40 Died 5/24/99
Resided in 4500 Block of Roswell Road- formerly from New York State.

99-1820 Frank Brewer 76 year old Black Male.   Born 7/23/23.   Died 11/1/99 of cardiovascular disease at Grady Hospital after having been discovered unconscious outside at 1792 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive by a passerby who called 911.   He lived at 1991 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Apt. A-12 in Atlanta.

00-0212 Albert Perry 54 year old Black Male.   Born 6/19/45.   Died 2/1/00 form head trauma after possibly falling from a parking deck at 45 Spring Street, NW in Atlanta, where he was found by an employee of a nearby business.   Homeless.

00-0855 Robert Young 76 year old Black Male.   Born 12/11/23.   Died 5/23/00 at Atlanta Medical Center after being admitted through the emergency room complaining of stomach pain.   Lived at 16 Howell Street in Atlanta.

00-1878 Otis Finch 72 year old Black male.   Born 11/20/28.   Discovered dead of natural causes in his apartment at 2950 Waters Road in Atlanta, GA on 11/29/00 during a welfare check.

00-2070 John Thomas Nichols 62 year old Black male.   Born 11/20/38.   Discovered dead of accidental injuries in his apartment at 1749 Pryor Road SW in Atlanta, GA on 12/27/00.

01-0052 Joe Garcia 48 year old Hispanic male.   Born 1/5/53.   Died 1/8/01 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Struck by an automobile at Moreland Avenue and Hazelrig Drive SE in Atlanta, GA on 1/2/01.  

01-0218 Ravdelio Almager 58 year old Hispanic male.   Born 9/20/42.   Died 2/3/01 of complications of accidental burn injuries sustained 1/11/01 while a client of Nurse Care of Buckhead (Atlanta, GA).

01-0283 Sergio Marin Galvan 50 year old White male.   Born 11/26/50.   Died 2/16/2001 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Admitted with blunt-force head trauma.   Struck by auto southbound at Spring St. and North Avenue, Atlanta, GA..

01-0362   Burnis Robert Joyner 42 year old Black male.   Born 6/9/58.   Died 3/2/2001 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Admitted on 2/28/2001 with head trauma.   Struck by auto at I-75 and 85 at 311 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA.

01-0647   Charles William Thomas 43 year old Black male.   Born 8/18/57.   Died 4/25/2001.   Found in vacant building with blunt-force head trauma.

01-0797 Tony Gammuto 52 year old White male.

01-0905   Larry R. Davis 53 year old White male.   Born 9/25/47.   Died 6/8/2001 as an inpatient at Grady Memorial Hospital.   Admitted on 6/8/2001 with abdominal pain.

02-0235   Willie Knox 73 year old Black male.   2/10/2002

02-1123   Abdul Williams 26 year old Black male   07/27/2002

02-1132   Marvin Reid   68 year old Black male   7/28/2002