Fulton County District Attorney

Trial Division

Trial Division


Case Intake

The Fulton County District Attorney 2021 is establishing an entirely new CASE INTAKE unit of the office.

The first and most important change to the division will be the staff. The District Attorney is bringing seasoned investigators and lawyers to this unit. She is literally committed to putting hundreds of years of law enforcement / prosecutorial experience into this unit through her handpicked staff. This unit is the very foundation of the office.

The Case Intake Unit shall have a seasoned prosecutor review the case upon receipt. The seasoned prosecutor will have the mission of Madam District Attorney Fani Willis in mind when looking at every case. Files will no longer just be files, but there will be an appreciation that each of those cases impacts the lives of people within our community and as such the victim, the witnesses, and the accused will all be treated with dignity from day one.

The first responsibility of the prosecutor will be to team up with an equally seasoned and skilled investigator and they will thoroughly investigate the case, collecting all necessary evidence for a successful prosecution. After investigation, the prosecutor will make a proper recommendation for the case. Each case shall be referred for felony indictment, to the solicitor's office for misdemeanor accusation, or to her innovative 2021 pre-indictment diversion program. If evidence cannot be established beyond a reasonable doubt the case shall not be pursued.

Non Complex Unit

The Non-Complex Division prosecutes approximately sixty percent of all felony cases in Fulton County. This division focuses on low-level felony offenses. The new administration will focus its efforts on curbing the repeat offenders who plague our communities by repeatedly breaking the law. This office is committed to prosecuting these persons with vigor and opposing the cycle of repeat offenses that occur. These efforts will take two forms. First, by showing compassion and properly referring those with drug and mental health problems to more appropriate forums such as accountability courts. Secondly, vigorously prosecute those that chose to wreak havoc continuously. This court is where Madam District Attorney plans to work with community leaders to bring awareness by bringing back court watch.

Complex Unit

This division prosecutes the vast majority of your serious offenses. These crimes include but are not limited to armed robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and aggravated battery.

This division in 2021 will now be equipped with a combination of brilliant and experienced lifelong prosecutors and a mix of energetic and innovative new prosecutors who will create a team of excellence in prosecution.

Accountability Courts Unit

The Fulton County court system proudly has a Veterans Court, Mental Health Court, and Drug Court. Madam District Attorney Fani Willis is committed to identifying those charged persons appropriate for such courts at case intake and immediately referring them to these courts.

These courts serve many people within our community who only hope of ever becoming productive members of society.

Furthermore, Madam District Attorney is committed to working with the criminal justice partners and expanding the initiative of Accountability Courts to spearhead an initiative for the first Domestic Violence Court in the metro area.