Junior District Attorney Program

Junior District Attorney Program

Junior District Attorney is a crime prevention and educational program designed to provide rising 6th – 9th grade students with an overview of the criminal justice system. Junior District Attorney activities include observing trial preparation, viewing courtroom proceedings, and taking trips to the Georgia Supreme Court, the State Capitol and various law enforcement agencies. At the end of the program, Junior District Attorneys will have a graduation ceremony and reception where the students are congratulated with a special DA badge.



Applications are typically accepted in April/May with the program typically starting in July.



To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Be in the 6th - 9th grade
  • Fill out an application (will be posted when organizers are accepting applications)
  • Two missed sessions will result in withdrawal from the program.

When the program becomes active, the application will be available on this page

For more information please contact: Shari Jones at 404-449-6737