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Fulton County Continuum of Care Board

Fulton County has worked with a diverse array of partners to develop solutions to end homelessness. Staffed by the Department of Community Development, the Continuum of Care (CoC) has successfully competed well in the national application for funding. This award has been an important and consistent source of funding for the community through the support of the Continuum of Care Board. The CoC Board is the decision-making body for the Continuum of Care. Members of the Board include local officials, service provider agencies, formerly homeless individuals, and advocates. The Board addresses issues relating to homelessness and approves the annual application for homeless assistance funding to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and addresses regional issues relating to homelessness.


District District  Term Appointment 
Chairman Robb Pitts At-Large Lucy Hall Appointment One: 05/18/2022-12/31/2022
Appointment Two: 2/15/2023- 12/31/2024 
Commissioner Bridget Thorne 1 Vacant  
Commissioner Bob Ellis 2 Manfred Michel Appointment One: 09/11/2021-12/31/2022
Appointment Two: 02/15/2023-12/31/2024
Commissioner Dana Barrett 3 Vacant  
Commissioner Natalie Hall 4 Vacant  
Commissioner Marvin Arrington 5 Vacant  
Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman 6 Kareemah Hanifa Appointment One: 02/15/2023- 12/31/2024 
CoC N. Fulton Rep. Tanya Morris Appointment One: 03/9/2023 -12/31/2024
CoC S. Fulton Rep. Vacant