Creative Like Me

Creative Like Me

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Creative Like Me

Creative Like Me is a collaboration between Fulton County Arts and Culture (FCAC) through the Public Art Program, and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (BHDD). This award winning initiative seeks to provide creative enrichment opportunities to BHDD clients that meets them at their individual learning needs.

While the global pandemic had challenged our ability to conduct business as usual, the rationale for incorporating the arts and cultural programming in the lives of people could not be greater. COVID-19 has highlighted the role that the arts can play in uniting one another; improving mental health during stressful and isolated situations, and providing a creative outlet for expressing complex emotions.

If arts programming during a worldwide public health crises can positively impact the lives of the public as a whole, imagine how it affects individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD). Too often, people with disabilities are often overlooked in the arts, and become even more marginalized during these critical times when the focus lies on combating the coronavirus. Therefore, Creative Like Me is a groundbreaking collaboration to incorporate inclusion of the IDD community into arts programming, and give these individuals a voice on how they have personally been impacted by the pandemic.

This year’s curriculum focused on activities that utilized equipment and supplies that participants would have easy access to, ensuring greater participation and engagement with the project.

We are extremely proud of what this collaboration has achieved and we hope you enjoy the exhibition.

- CLM Project Team