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Commercial Pretreatment


Program monitors and inspects pretreatment systems of commercial facilities, called commercial waste generators, to prohibit the discharge of fats, oil and grease into County’s sanitary sewer system. Commercial waste generators are restaurants, schools, churches, hotels, institution kitchens, and other food service establishments, as well as car maintenance, automobile dealers and car/truck wash facilities.

All commercial waste generators with a grease trap, oil separator and sand trap that discharge fats, oil and grease into County’s sanitary sewer system are required to have a permit for their pretreatment system called “Commercial Waste Discharge Permit”. 


Fulton County Sewer Use Ordinance, Section 82-251


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commercial pretreatment


I have a coffee or ice cream shop, do I need a grease trap?


I am opening a large restaurant in a space that was previously a sandwich shop, can I use the existing grease trap on   site

No, the grease trap may not be sized for your food operation.

Iam going to open a commercial car wash with a reclaim system, will I need anoil separator? 

 Yes, the car wash will still have some backwash to the sewer that is not caught by the reclaim system

Howlong does it take to review project plans for new pretreatment systems?

It takes 7-10 business days to review the plan and receive the comments.

Do you forward or receive project plans from other sections if plans are left at another location?

No, follow the guidelines on the pretreatment plan review checklists for project submittal.

Do you accept credit cards for program fees

No, checks or money orders are the acceptable form of payment.