Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Fulton County owns and operates wastewater collection systems and treatment plants that serve customers in north and south Fulton County.

The sewerage system consists of three treatment plants in North Fulton and two in South Fulton.   More than 2,300 miles of interceptor, trunk and sanitary sewers, force mains, water reuse distribution systems, 45 sewage lift stations and approximately 60,000 manholes.

Fulton County currently provides wastewater collection and treatment to approximately 86,500 customers, of which approximately 71,500 customers are located in north Fulton and Sandy Springs and approximately 15,000 customers are located in south Fulton.

The total service area covers approximately 285 square miles.

A portion of the wastewater generated within the County is treated by facilities not owned by the County, which include a combination of sewer authorities in neighboring counties.

There are currently five wastewater treatment plants within Fulton County.