Probate court FAQ Page

Probate Court FAQ

Are the Probate Court forms online?

All of the Georgia Probate Court Standard Forms can be found on the Council of Probate Judges of Georgia website, click here

Click here for other non-standard forms.

does the Probate Court take credit cards?

Yes – make sure you have photo ID if you are paying by credit card. The Court also accepts cash and money orders for the exact amount of the filing fee. The Court does not accept personal checks. No bills larger than $20.00 are accepted for cash transactions in the Probate Court.

who can perform a wedding ceremony in georgia?

“The Governor or any former Governor of this state, any judge, including judges of state and federal courts of record in this state, city recorder, magistrate, minister, or other person of any religious society or sect authorized by the rules of such society to perform the marriage ceremony” is authorized to perform a wedding in Georgia pursuant to OCGA §19-3-30(c).

how much does it cost to apply for a marriage license?

The total fee for a marriage license is $56.00 unless the couple has completed a qualifying premarital education program. The application fee ($40.00) is waived when the couple seeking the license has completed premarital education, and the fee will only be $16.00. A certificate of completion of a qualifying premarital education program in accordance with Code Section 19-3-30.1 must be presented for the $40.00 application fee to be waived.

is there a list of judges who perform wedding ceremonies?

A list of Fulton County judges who have expressed an interest in being available to perform marriage ceremonies can be found on the Fulton County Probate Court website.

where do i apply for my marriage license

If one or both persons to be married are residents of Georgia, you may apply for a marriage license in any county in Georgia. If neither applicant is a resident of Georgia, you must then apply for the marriage license in the county where the ceremony is to be held.

how much does it cost to apply for a weapons license?

First-time Applicants: $71.00 - cash/credit card/money order - exact amount. There will also be an additional fee at the police department for fingerprinting.

Renewals: $30.00 cash/credit card/money order – exact amount. There will also be an additional fee at the police department for the electronic criminal history report.

what do i need to bring with me when i apply for a weapons carry license?

Applicants must furnish proof of Fulton County residency on a photo ID such as a valid Georgia Driver's License, a State of Georgia ID Card or a Military ID, and orders showing that you are stationed in Fulton County or a contiguous county. If you are a Non-US citizen, you must furnish a Resident Alien ID card or other proof of lawful admission as a permanent resident in the USA.

how old do i have to be to apply for a weapons carry license?

You must be 21 years of age or older or at least 18 and have proof that you have completed basic training in the U. S. Armed Forces and that you are currently on active duty in the U. S. Armed Forces, or that you have been honorably discharged from the U. S. Armed Forces.

does the probate court staff provide legal advice?

The Judge, her legal staff and the court clerks are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service but are prohibited by law from offering legal advice and direction. Please consult with an attorney if you need any legal advice.

The Probate Court Information Center may be able to assist you with legal issues related to a decedent’s estate. You can receive a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney to help with the responsibilities related to taking care of a decedent's affairs. This includes issues involving debts, claims, or expenses and how to update a title on real estate. For an appointment, please call (404) 612-5985 and leave a message. Someone from the Probate Court will return your call.