External Affairs

Fulton County

External Affairs

External Affairs

The Fulton County Department of External Affairs is responsible for empowering people through information - including residents, policy makers, journalists, employees and others.

Services are delivered through three divisions:

  • Broadcast/Cable/Film
  • Communications
  • Intergovernmental Affairs

Broadcast/Cable/Film: Manages Fulton Government Television, Fulton Films and Fulton County's cable franchise agreement.

Communications: Responsible for disseminating information about Fulton County programs, policies and priorities among Fulton County residents, employees, and journalists. The Communications Division plans and executes special events, manages digital communications and social media, and manages a number of other initiatives. View the Fulton County Newsroom.

Intergovernmental Affairs: Fulton County works closely with city, state and federal partners. The Department of External Affairs, Division of Intergovernmental Affairs, is responsible for preparing Fulton County's annual state and federal legislative agendas, and for monitoring policy matters that may impact Fulton County operations.

Each year the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County adopts a state and federal legislative agenda. The purpose of the legislative agenda is to identify policy areas that affect Fulton County residents and businesses, as well as the operations of County Government.

Fulton County is an active member of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia as well as the National Association of Counties.