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Hotel and Motel Inspections

Hotel and Motel Inspections

Tourist accommodations (hotel/motels) consist of two or more rooms or dwelling units connected or separated on a common piece of property that provide lodging and other accommodations to the general public. Environmental Health Specialists inspect tourist accommodation facilities routinely to ensure they are maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and in accordance to the Rules and Regulations for operating tourist accommodations set forth by the State of Georgia (Chapter 511-6-2). 
(use link: All tourist accommodations in Fulton County must have a permit and a current license from the Fulton County Board of Health to operate in the county.

Application and Fees

To apply for a permit to operate a tourist accommodation, fill out the application. 

Completed forms along with the appropriate fees (link to the fees can be mailed or delivered to the closest Fulton County Board of Health Environmental Health Services office to the hotel/motel. 

hotel and motel inspections

Contact information

College Park (Willie J. Freeman) Health Center

Adamsville regional health center

Fulton County Public Health