Diversity Dialogues

diversity DIALOGUES and intersections

i, too, am america

Diversity Dialogues and intersections

Advancing conversations that matter: Inspired by the poetry of Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman, I, Too, Am America is a dialogue series and artistic exhibition focused on making connections and sharing stories about the American experience from various racial and ethnic perspectives.

In times of great civil unrest, we will create brave spaces to normalize conversations about race, connect, heal, and inspire our workforce and community to advance racial equality for all.

Mission: Great Place, Great People, Great Work - Create a culture of belonging by enhancing the way we make critical decisions where there are multiple points of view, significant differences, similarities, tensions, and complexities at play.

Dialogue Purpose: Strategically Managing the Moment Standing in an individual paradigm while simultaneously considering additional paradigms and perspectives. Not feeling threatened by the existence of contrary paradigms; not feeling the need to disprove or discount conflicting paradigms and perspectives.

i, too, am america

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