Gregory Rutledge Jr

Gregory Rutledge Jr

Founder, Atlanta Barber Institute Inc.

Gregory Rutledge Jr.

Mr. Gregory Rutledge, Jr. is the Founder of Atlanta Barber Institute, Inc. (ATLBI) and Atlanta Barber Institute Foundation, Inc. (ATLBIF)(Federal Tax ID Number: 88-3745463). Obsessed with forging his tonsorial skills, He shares a traditional vision along with an innovative approach while applying effective mentorship. He is helping those who want another option, including the 37% people of color (POC) who live in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

He is an Entrepreneur, Licensed Master Educator and Licensed Master Barber and the architect behind the creation of the most innovative and cutting-edge barbering school in existence. The learning environment consist of a designed, online & in person,

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) & AR (Augmented Reality) infused barber school, where we Revolutionize Education through Innovation.
The ATLBI, is a barber and styling, State of the Art, completely digital educational training facility. The facility is designed to assist students become professional licensed barbers using the latest technologies. No Books, No Pens & No Paper. This will help students learn better and faster.

The ATLBI provides a path for students who do not need or want a four-year degree and the incredulous debt that comes with that degree.
Atlanta Barber Institute Foundation, Inc. (ATLBIF), mission is to improve the outcomes of children, adolescents & youth who are at risk of enhanced youth violence & homelessness, through an integrated system of care, educational equity, technology and innovation. The ATLBIF serves as an ambassador of Atlanta Barber Institute, supporting tuition free education and assisting the institution in achieving its mission through the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of gifts, and by collaborating and advising on activities for the benefit and advancement of the institution and community at large.

Gregory holds additional certifications in Advanced Hair Color, (SMP) Scalp Micropigmentation, MicroBlading, NanoBlading and Hair Replacement Units due to Alopecia. He was recently recognized for his Outstanding Leadership in Education receiving a 2022 Global Award by Education 2.0 USA held in Las Vegas, NV.

Gregory picked up his first pair of clippers at the age of 12 in his mother's kitchen and found an immediate interest in the craft, However, his adult years came and he found trouble that would cost him years of his life in prison. Decades later, he decided to pursue that heart-held career as a barber, and he deepened his education within the barbering industry so that he could extend his career and his reach beyond the barber chair. Coming from a family of educators, he knew education was the key to making the impact he wanted to make.
Trades and working with your hands are still, even in 2023, portrayed as a less than desirable career path. When high schools prepare their "school report cards" they include college acceptance statistics, but often skilled apprenticeships and trade programs are excluded.

Gregory has facilitated educational instruction at both public & private institutions. His milestone achievement was implementing the barber curriculum at Gwinnett Technical College and private institutions. Gregory is keenly aware of the serious need for more tradespeople in a variety of industries, and he continues to work with young people. He is well represented throughout the industry by all of the licensed professionals he has educated. They range from school owners, barber/beauty supply store owners and numerous other industry services. He is also a military veteran and his tonsorial skills have been performed worldwide. As a society we should do more for our youth, unemployed adults and underemployed young people. Team work makes the dream work. And who does it benefit? Our local community, our local economy, our next generation.