Financial Disclosure Reports

Clerk to the Commission

Financial disclosure reports

Financial Disclosure Reports

Pursuant to Section 2-79 of the Fulton County Code of Ethics, Income and Financial Reports are required annually by county elected and appointed officials, and various department heads that discloses specific types of personal financial information, including occupation or income, assets, relationships, business associations, and any owned real property. The reports apply to:

  • All elected officials of Fulton County;
  • Judges of the Juvenile Court;
  • Judges of the Magistrate Court;
  • County Manager and Deputy County Managers;
  • All Department Heads, County Attorney, Clerk to the Commission, Division
  • Heads reporting to the County Manager and the Deputy Director of Zoning;
  • Members of the Board of Tax Assessors and all Property Appraisers;
  • Members of the Community Zoning Board;
  • Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals; and
  • Members of the Board of Ethics.

Download the Fulton County Income & Financial Disclosure Report