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Accounts payable

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Division of the Fulton County Finance Department processes vendor payments on behalf of all Fulton County departments.

To become a registered vendor and to learn more about business opportunities with Fulton County, please contact the Department of Purchasing and Contract Compliance.

Current vendors may review the FAQs below regarding invoice processing and payments.

Accounts payable


Where should invoices be sent?

Invoices are to be mailed or emailed to the following address.

Fulton County Government
141 Pryor Street, SW
Suite 7001
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Attn: Finance Department – Accounts Payable



When are checks issued?

The Accounts Payable Division issues vendor checks twice weekly (on Wednesday and Friday). Payment vouchers entered and approved in the financial system on Tuesday and Wednesday are scheduled for Friday’s check run and documents entered and approved on Thursday, Friday and Monday are scheduled for Wednesday’s check run.

What information should be included on invoices?

The Accounts Payable Division requires that original invoices must reference all of the following information:

Vendor Information

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Address
  • Vendor Code
  • Vendor Contact Information
  • Remittance Address

Invoice Details

  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number (uniquely numbered, no duplicates)
  • Purchase Order Reference Number
  • Date(s) of Services Performed
  • Itemization of Services Provided/Commodity Units

Fulton County Department Information

(needed for invoice approval - who authorized the work to be performed)

  • Department Name
  • Department Representative Name