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Boards and authorities

Boards and Authorities

For more information or to express interest in serving on a board, please contact the Office of the Clerk to the Commission at 404-612-8200 or

citizen "Governing" Boards, Commissions & authorities


Airport West Community Improvement District Board

Provides administrative oversight of the authority and activities of the District Board

Natalie Martin                 
Chair, Airport West CID          
Duke Realty
3715 Davinci Court, Suite 300

Gerald McDowell
Executive Director
3800 Camp Creek Pkwy
Bldg 1400, Suite 132
Atlanta, GA 30331

Animal Welfare Hearing Board

Hold hearings on animals that are deemed "dangerous" or "vicious" as defined by State law and provide recommendations to the Board of Commissioners as provided by law

Matthew Kallmyer
Director Emergency Management
130 Peachtree St., Suite G-157
Atlanta, GA 30303

Board of Ethics

Renders advisory opinions and hears complaints with respect to whether a particular course of conduct would constitute violations

Carrie C. Foster,
Secretary, Board of Ethics
Thomas Kennedy Sampson & Tompkins LLP
3355 Main Street 
Atlanta, Georgia 30337
(Office) 404-669-5305
(Fax) 404-684-9515

Board of Health (Fulton County)

This Board exercises responsibility and authority in all matters within the county pertaining to health and wellness and makes recommendations to prevent and suppress disease and conditions deleterious to health and to determine compliance with health laws and rules, regulations, and standards.

Dr. Kathleen Toomey, M.D., M.P.H
District Health Director
10 Park Place South, SE
4th Floor, Suite 445
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-613-1242 (Direct)
404-613-1205 (General)

Board of Registration and Elections

Holds the powers and duties of the election superintendent of Fulton County relating to the conduct of elections and the powers and duties of the board of registrars relating to the registration of voters and absentee balloting procedures

Richard L. Barron, 
Director Registration & Elections
130 Peachtree Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3450

Mr. Trey Kelly
Fulton County Republican Party
5920 Roswell Road N.E., Suite A-208
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328-4926
404-851-1444 (Office)

Ms. Erica Pines,
Chair Fulton County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 11269
Atlanta, Georgia 30310

Boards of Equalization

The Board is charged by the O.C.G.A. §48-5-311 to hear appeals of property tax matters that include: Property Value, Uniformity of Value, Taxability, Denial of Homestead Exemptions and Denial of Special Assessments

Melvin Richardson,
141 Pryor Street, Suite 5001
Atlanta, GA 30303

Commission on Disability Affairs

Identify and review factors in Fulton County that most directly affect the quality of life for persons with disabilities and make recommendations to the BOC.

Nadine Oka, ADA Administrator
Office of EEO and Disability Affairs
141 Pryor Street, 5th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-612-7390/Fax: 404-730-7963

Commission on Elderly Affairs

The Commission identifies social issues affecting elders and makes recommendations to improve the quality of life for senior citizens in Fulton County

Kenn Vanhoose, Office of Aging
Human Service Department
137 Peachtree Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-612-3446 (Fax)

Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities Regional Advisory Board

Recommendations provided the coordinated and comprehensive planning for its region in conformity with the minimum standards and procedures established by the department

Ruth Coody, Council Assistant
DBHDD - Region 3 Field Office
Georgia Regional Hospital at Atlanta
3073 Panthersville Road, Bldg. 10
Decatur, Georgia 30034
Direct Line: 404-244-5072
Office: 404-244-5050

Economic Development Corporation of Fulton County

Aid and promote economic development of business and industry in Fulton County except in the corporate limits of the City of Atlanta; to make asset-based loans to companies in Fulton County.

Robert Shaw
Economic Development Corporation
of Fulton County
5534 Old National Highway
Suite 300
College Park, GA 30349-3212
404-836-7712 (fax)

Fulton County Arts Council

The Council is to submit and art plan for each calendar year which will include 1) a definition of needs; 2) solution of these needs; 3) a request for support of programs by specific contracts which would include a) contracts with larger organizations for annual programs, b) contracts with smaller organizations for semi-annual programs.

Lionell Thomas, Director
Arts & Culture
141 Pryor Street, SW Suite #2030
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton County Board of Tax Assessors

Established to fulfill the duties and functions of the tax assessors to the assessment and fixing of value of all property within the boundaries of Fulton County for all state, county, city, school and other taxing purposes etc.

DeWayne Pinkney, Secretary
Board of Tax Assessors
235 Peachtree Street, NE
Suite #1400
Atlanta, GA 30303
404-730-6881 (Fax)

Fulton County Board of Zoning Appeals

Hears appeals of zoning cases and makes final decisions for approval or denial.

Randy Beck, Assistant Administrator, Transportation
Fulton County Public Works
141 Pryor Street, Suite 6001
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton County Citizens Commission on the Environment

Investigates environmental concerns; make recommendations to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners on environmental policies; to disseminate information to the community on environmental issues

Makia Fye
Health & Wellness
99 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton County Community Zoning Board

Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding properties within, and matters affecting, unincorporated areas within Fulton County.

Randy Beck
Assistant Transportation Administrator
141 Pryor Street SW, Suite 6001
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton County Facilities Corporation

Organized as a public purpose corporation pursuant to the provisions of the Georgia Non-Profit Corporation Code, exclusively for the use and benefit of Fulton County, Georgia, and as an instrumentality thereof, to facilitate the financing of the acquisition, construction, and equipping of certain public facilities in Fulton County

Hakeem Oshikoya
Financial Officer
141 Pryor Street, 7th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton County Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC)

This Committee serves as a planning body to coordinate housing, services, and funding streams and to promote community-wide commitment to goals of: ending homelessness; quickly re-housing homeless individuals and families; effective utilization of mainstream resources; optimizing consumer self-sufficiency; and conduct annual Gaps analysis of homeless needs in the community. The Committee also coordinates the housing and services systems to align resources and functions and coordinate CoC activities with respective Consolidated Planning

Dawn Butler, Division Manager
Homeless Services
Housing and Community Development
137 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
(O): 404-612-0746

Fulton County Youth Commission

The Fulton County Youth Commission was created under the directives set forth in the Resolution 99-1217.  In this Resolution, the Board of Commissioners charged the Director of Human Services to put forth and implement a proposal for a Fulton County Youth Commission.  In response to the directives set forth in Resolution 99-1217, the Department of Human Services set forth the appointment procedures etc.

Reginald Crossley
Youth Commission Coordinator
Human Services Department
Office of Children and Youth
2799 Metropolitan Pkwy
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Fax: 404-730-7950

Fulton Industrial Community Improvement District

Self-taxing organization that focuses on funding public infrastructure, spearheading beautification projects, and promoting economic development in a specific district.

Gil Prado, AICP
Executive Director
3993 Aviation Circle
Atlanta, GA 30336

Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority d/b/a Grady Health System

To acquire and operate hospitals and other healthcare facilities in and for said counties (Grady); to minister the sick residents of said counties; (3) to assume the care and treatment of the indigent sick of said counties; (3) to assume the care and treatment of the indigent sick of said counties; and (4) to care for those sick or injured in emergency cases where the accident or emergency occurred within either of the counties

Ms. Lisa Flagg, Esq.

Chief Executive Officer
The Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority
50 Hurt Plaza, Suite 803
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 334-3670
(404) 600-4097 (FAX)

Hospital Authority of Fulton County (Northside)

To provide for the needed health care facilities in the area of operation in accordance with the Hospital Authorities Law, through oversight of the Authority's compliance with the Lease and Transfer Agreement. 

Deborah Cox
Outpatient Services Marketing
Northside Hospital
1000 Johnson Ferry Road
Suite 501
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
404-851-8084 (o)
404-303-3890 (f)

Housing Authority of Fulton County

Oversees issues related to housing units for low-income residents of the County

Larry Haqq, Interim Executive Director
Housing Authority of Fulton County
4273 Wendell Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30336
404-588-4986 (O)
404-472-3484 (F)

Breanna Smith
Executive Assistant
404-588-4950 ext: 7002

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

Board established for the purpose of planning, designing leasing, purchasing, acquiring, holding, owning, constructing, improving, equipping, financing, maintaining, and administering a rapid transit system within the metropolitan area

Rebbie Ellison-Taylor
Assistant Secretary/Executive Manager to the Board of Directors
2424 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30324-3330
404-848-5044; 404-848-5041 (Fax)

Region III Emergency Medical Services Council

The objectives of the Council are to promote public education and knowledge of emergency medical services and foster training programs at the local and regional levels to personnel involved with the delivery of emergency medical services.


Ej Dailey. Regional EMS Director
Office of EMS and Trauma-Region 3
Health Protection
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Georgia Department of Public Health
1680 Phoenix Blvd., Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30349

Residential Care Facilities of the Elderly Authority

The Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Authority of Fulton County was created in accordance with Georgia law and activated by action of the Fulton County Commission, to ensure the adequacy, safety and accessibility of residential care facilities for citizens of Fulton County.

Sandra Z. Zayac
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
171 17th Street, Suite 2100
Atlanta, GA 30363
404-873-7100 (fax)

boards, commissions and authorities on which commissioners serve


Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)

The Commission provides governance and oversight of the ARC and is charged with peering into the future and working with our partners across the community to plan for a better, brighter tomorrow. The agency also serves as a regional convener, bringing diverse stakeholders to the table to address the most important issues facing metro Atlanta.

Susan Grimes, ARC Information Center Coordinator
Atlanta Regional Commission
40 Courtland Street, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Doug, Hooker, Executive Director, 463-3111

Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority (Stadium Authority)

The Authority's purpose is defined to be acquiring, constructing, equipping, maintaining, and operating an athletic stadium and athletic field and other related facilities for athletic, sporting, cultural, religious, political, musical, educational and other events, including, without limitation refreshment stands and restaurants, and facilities for the purveying of foods, beverages, publications, souvenirs, novelties, and goods of all kinds, whether operated or purveyed directly acquiring, constructing, equipping, maintaining and operating recreational centers and areas.

Vivienne C. Kerr, Executive Assistant
Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority
101 Marietta Street NW, Suite 1071
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(Fax) 404-523-5638

Atlanta-Fulton Water Resources Commission

Develop plans for, acquire sites and governmental permits for and to construct and operate a water treatment plant and appurtenances in North Fulton County to serve the joint needs of Atlanta and Fulton County in assuring an adequate water supply of potable water for the citizens of Atlanta and Fulton County etc.

Kathy Crews, General Manager
Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission
9750 Spruill Road
Alpharetta, GA 30202
770-664-1079 (fax)

Black Arts Festival Board, National

Primary mission and purpose is to expose, educate, engage and entertain audiences by presenting and supporting art and artists of African descent.


Erwin Carter, Treasurer
National Black Arts Festival
504 Fair Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-730-7315 (Phone)
730-7104 (Fax)

Board of Trustees of the Fulton County Employees Retirement System

Oversees all matters relating to the management and payment of pension and retirement benefits to all eligible Fulton County employees

Angela Hobbs, Pension Administrator
141 Pryor Street SW, 7th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

Building Authority of Fulton County

The Board coordinates the political and public corporation with the power to purchase, lease or otherwise, and to hold, lease and dispose of real and personal property of every kind, issue bonds, accept loans, to construct, etc.

Hakeem Oshikoya, Chief Financial Officer Finance
141 Pryor Street
Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

Fulton County Urban Redevelopment Agency (FCURA)

Created pursuant to state law to exercise redevelopment project powers by the acting members as the FCURA

Sharon Whitmore,
Chief Financial Officer
Finance Department
141 Pryor Street, 7th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton-Atlanta Land Bank Authority

Acquisition of tax delinquent properties of the County and/or City in order to foster the public purpose of returning property which is a nonrevenue generating, nontax producing status to an effective utilization status in order to provide housing, new industry, and jobs, for the citizens of the county 

Rhonda Corporal, Office Manager
Fulton County-City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority
34 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-525-9336 x1002
404-525-8949 fax

Information Technology Investment Council (ITIC)

Provides oversight and delivery of Fulton County's technology investment decisions and provide strategic direction for the use of technology to enable Fulton County to achieve its overall goals

Sallie Wright, Director,
Information Technology
141 Pryor Street S.W.,
Suite 9049

InvestAtlanta (Atlanta's Development Authority)

Stimulating economic development, the Authority provides taxable and tax-exempt bond financing pursuant to Georgia Development Authorities law and a policy for development Incentives created by the City of Atlanta

W. Tremayne Green,
Interim General Counsel
133 Peachtree Street, NE
Suite 2900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-880-0863 (Fax)

Library Board of Trustees

The Fulton County Library System serves as a cultural and intellectual center that enriches the community and empowers all residents with essential tools for lifelong learning. The Board of Trustees oversee matters related to the Fulton County Public Library 

Gabriel Morley, Director
1 Margaret Mitchell Square, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Zenobia Claxton
Administrative Coordinator II
Fulton County Library System
Auburn Avenue Research Library
On African American Culture
101 Auburn Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303

Citizen Task Forces, Advisory Boards and Advisory Committees


Administrative Committee of the Fulton County Defined Contribution Plan

Retirement Committee which shall act on behalf of Fulton County to administer the Plan as provided in Article 9 of the DC Plan 

Angela Hobbs, Pension Administrator
141 Pryor Street, 7th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

Atlanta Beltline, Inc. Board of Directors

Perform functions necessary to carry out the purposes of ADA compliance and the administrative, development and/or redevelopment activities.

Nina Hickson, Vice President and General Counsel
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
100 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30303

Audit Committee

To provide an annual audit of the financial affairs and transactions of all funds and activities of the local government for each fiscal year of the local government

Anthony Nicks, Director
Office of the County Auditor
141 Pryor Street, SW
Suite 8052
Atlanta, GA 30303
404-612-1019/Fax: 404-893-1751

Beltline Affordable Housing Advisory Board

Making recommendations to ADA and the City on the goals and policies related to the use of the Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  These goals and policies shall be submitted tot eh Atlanta City Council for review and adoption by resolution. Monitoring the location and availability of affordable housing throughout the Beltline. Coordinating the activities of the Board with other affordable housing activities throughout the City.

Beth M. McMillan
Director, Community Engagement
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
86 Pryor Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-477-3003 (Office)
404-880-0626 (Fax)

Beltline Tax Allocation District (TAD) Advisory Committee

Making recommendations to ADA and the City on the issuance, allocation and distribution of tax allocation bond proceeds within the Beltline Redevelopment Area and effective and equitable implementation of the BeltLine Redevelopment Plan.  The Committee shall develop and implement a "decision making support tool" designed to measure the impact of the BeltLine Project to ensure accountability for effective and equitable implementation of the project.

Beth M. McMillan
Director, Community Engagement
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
86 Pryor Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-477-3550 (Office)
404-477-3606 (Fax)

City Jail Study Committee

This Committee is entrusted to study the desirability of the County's acquisition of the City of Atlanta Detention Center and to make recommendations regarding such acquisition to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.


Office of the Chairman
141 Pryor Street, S.W.
Suite 10032


City of College Park TAD Advisory Committee

The Board considers and adopts policies and implements procedures for applicants requesting to become an approved Project Recipient of TAD Bonds or other forms of TAD financing. 

Artie Jones, III, MPA
Director of Economic Development
City of College Park
3667 Main Street
College Park, GA 30337
404.669.3764 Office
404.305.2057 Fax

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Allocation Process Citizen Review Panel

Makes recommendations for the allocation of approximately 30% of the total annual CDBG allocation fund.

Frankie Atwater,  Director
Housing & Human Services
137 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 612-7378

Department of Family & Children Services Board

To protect the well-being of this state's children while preserving family integrity. County boards may review the administration of all welfare and public assistance functions for the county, including such Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, employment services, child protective services, foster care, adoptions.

Kristen Toliver, MSW
Fulton County Director
Division of Family and Children Services
5710 Stonewall Tell Road
College Park, GA 30349
770-774-3172 (Fax)

Development Authority of Fulton County

Stimulating economic development, the Authority provides taxable and tax-exempt bond financing pursuant to Georgia Development Authorities law and a policy for development Incentives created by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

Doris Metcalfe Coleman
Operations/Compliance Manager
Development Authority of Fulton County
141 Pryor Street, SW, Suite #2052
Atlanta, GA 30303
404-893-1703 (fax)

Legal Counsel
Sandra Z. Zayac
Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
171 17th Street, Suite 2100
Atlanta, GA 30363
404-873-8125 (fax)

Fulton County 911 Advisory Board

Assist the Board of Commissioner in reviewing and analyzing the progress and public safety agencies in developing "911" requirements and recommending steps of action to effect the necessary coordination, regulation, and development of a 911 system. 

Joseph  "Joe" Barasoain, Director
Fulton County Emergency Services Department
130 Peachtree Street, Suite 3147
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 612-7904

Treachous  "Tony" Bailey, Deputy Director, 404-612-7903

Katrina Harley, Interim Assistant Director 404-612-7905

Fulton County Board of Directors for the Public Access Channel

Oversees the operation, programming, production and accessibility of the Public Access Channel

James Reese, Cable Franchise Manager
Fulton County Office of Broadcast & Cable
141 Pryor Street, Suite 3081
Atlanta GA 30303
Fax: 404-302-8480

Fulton County Code Enforcement Board

The intent of this Board is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of unincorporated Fulton County and provide an equitable, expeditious, effective, and inexpensive method of enforcing the Fulton County Code of Laws, where pending or repeated violations exist.

Anthony Mullins

Code Enforcement Officer
Police Department
5440 Fulton Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, Georgia 30336

Fulton County Complete Count Committee

The Fulton County Complete Count Committee plans and implements strategies for achieving a complete count of Fulton County residents in the year 2020 United States Census

Fran Calhoun, Division Manager
Fulton County External Affairs
141 Pryor Street, SW, Suite 3090
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Fulton County HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Policy Advisory Committee

Advisory committee to the BOC to advance the policies, objectives and priorities outline in the Strategy to End Aids in Fulton County Phases I, II and III and any future reports, at the request of the BOC

Denval Stewart, Senior Attorney
Office of the County Attorney
141 Pryor Street SW, Suite 4038
Atlanta, GA

404-612-0264 (Office)

Fulton County Local Emergency Planning Committee (Hazardous Material Advisory Council)

The Committee is charged with developing a public awareness program plan; evaluate resources for preparing for and responding to any chemical incidents, and ensuring the preparation of emergency response plans by industry and governmental entities.

Pansy Ricks
Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency
Management Agency
130 Peachtree Street, SW, Suite #G157
Atlanta, GA 30303
Fax: 404-730-5625

Fulton County Reentry Task Force

The Reentry Task Force examines ways to pool resources and funding streams to promote lower recidivism, to collect data and best practices in reentry from agencies and organizations, to develop a reentry strategic plan, and aid in the development of a Reentry Demonstration Project, pursuant to the provisions of the Second Chance Act.


Office of the Chairman
141 Pryor Street, S.W.
Suite 10032
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Grievance Review Committee

Review and making determinations regarding employee grievances, pursuant to FC Policy and Procedure #100-24

Latasha Cordell
Personnel Department
141 Pryor Street SW, Suite 3030
Atlanta, GA 30303

McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority

The McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority is a public corporation that was created upon enactment by the General Assembly of House Bill 817 in 2010 for the general purpose of executing and administering the reuse plan for the property formerly occupied by Fort McPherson. 

Mr. Brian Hooker, Executive Director
McPherson Implementing Local
Redevelopment Authority
1794 Walker Avenue, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30310

Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust

Managing and administering Post-employment Benefits under the Trust 

Melissa Barnett,
Interim Benefits Manager
141 Pryor Street, SW, Suite 7001
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-224-1016 (fax)

Public Facility Naming Advisory Board

This board provides recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on the naming and/or renaming of Fulton County resources.


County Manager's Office
141 Pryor Street, NW
10th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Smart Justice Coordinating Committee

To solicit the best ideas from criminal justice professionals and local leaders, to plan and recommend strategies to address, through policy and practice, the high rates of incarceration and recidivism in the County and to recommend practical and sustainable evidence-based justice solutions within the context of the financial resources available

Office of County Manager
141 Pryor Street, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

South Fulton Community Improvement District Board

To review performance and provide recommendations on community improvement and redevelopment efforts.

Joddie Gray, CID Administrator
900 DeKalb Ave, SE Suite B
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Wolf Creek Advisory Committee

Advisory committee to the BOC and County Manager on policy issues and recommendations affecting the operation, management, welfare and other matters (e.g., traffic, noise, parking, community outreach, etc.) affecting the Wolf Creek Amphitheater and surrounding areas. 

Lionell Thomas, Director
141 Pryor Street Suite, 2030
Atlanta, GA 30203